Stone Oak Family Doctors, P.A. 

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Noteworthy SOFD Policies:  
​To ensure that the physicians time with the patient is as productive as possible; the patient will be
brought to the exam room alone unless they require a caregiver's assistance. If the doctor and/or
patient determines a family member should be included in the appointment, they will be called from
the waiting room by the nursing staff.

​Likewise, children of any age are not allowed in the exam rooms with parents when ​the parent is the patient. Additionally, due to liability concerns, no children under the age of 12 can be left in the waiting room unattended. If necessary, please plan to bring a friend or family member to stay with the children in the waiting room.

Missed appointments affects our ability to provide our patients with medical care. As  a result, effective March 2, 2015, there will be a $25.00 charge for missed appointments if not an emergency. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of scheduled appointment date. Please note that after third missed appointment without notice, will result in dismissal from Stone Oak Family Doctors, PA..

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